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Cimcool Centre Saver 2oz tube

Cimcool centre saver 2oz Tube Part No. T91048BX24Cimcool Centre Saver® is a waterproof grease designed as a lubricant for centers on lathes, grinders, hobbing machines, etc.  It also lubricates and waterproofs bearings, pumps, and tools.
It can be used on ferrous and nonferrous metals such as Aluminum, Cast Iron, Carbon Steels, High Speed Steel, High Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Copper, Brass, Bronze. It is not recommended for use with parts made from magnesium or magnesium alloys.

Features & Benefits:

Using Cimcool Centre Saver® reduces wear on your centres. The extreme pressure (EP) lubrication reduces the friction between the workpiece and the center thus reducing wear and prevents seizing of machine tool screws and fixtures.



You can download the MSDS for Cimcool Centre Saver® from the Accessories Brochure Download page link below.


Manufacturers Part Number: T91048BX24