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Ensuring accurate and consistent blending of your water based coolant / emulsion and any other liquids to be mixed with water.

Nimatic Coolant Emulsion Mixer

The Nimatic Emulsion Mixer / Coolant Mixer is extremely simple to install and operate and is driven by the water pressure alone so no additional equipment or power is required. Just switch on the water supply when re-filling your coolant tank and the accurately mixed and blended liquid is dispensed. This saves you time and money which you can spend on more important jobs within your company.

  • Savings up to 30% on cutting fluids
  • Reduced labour cost compared to manual blending
  • Simple mounting and easy to operate
  • Durable and reliable
  • Continuous adjustment of the additive mix from 0% up to around 16%
  • Drop shaped dosing aperture (very exact low-level doses)
  • The lower threaded adapter fits all standard drums
  • Unique nozzle / jet system that prevents blocking
  • Available in Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel depending on additive used
  • Supplied with two ball check valves to prevent faulty operation
  • Available units for Flow / mixing rates of up to 900 or 2000 litre/hour

The Nimatic Coolant Emulsion Mixer was developed back in 1997 because it was felt that the other mixers on the market were just not reliable enough or only able to blend step-wise and not in an infinitely variable range.

The coolant and cutting oils that you use are expensive so you want to avoid wasting it by mixing it at the wrong concentration and or mixing more than is needed. Also, running your machines with coolant mixed to the wrong strength can have detrimental effects on both the machine and the work-pieces. Nimatic looked to solve this issue with a Coolant Emulsion Mixer that was compact, portable cost effective and essentially, reliable.

The result is the Nimatic Coolant Emulsion Mixers available in five different models having Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel Bodies for various flow rates and mixing strength ranges. These mixers have a unique dosing system that prevents blocking with a variable regulator valve that adjusts the mixing ratio precisely to the user’s requirements.

The Nimatic Coolant Emulsion Mixer fits directly into your Coolant Barrel and attaches to your water supply. You just open the tap and the coolant is delivered mixed to the strength and quantity that you need.



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