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Studer Granitan┬« machine bases have excellent physical properties and present significant advantages over other materials.

GRANITAN is the name of the mineral casting material from which the STUDER machine bases are made from. A process specific to Studer is used to produce the Granitan S103 for machine beds of some of the worlds most accurate Cylindrical Grinding Machines. Consisting of natural hard stone of various sizes, mixed with a 2-part bonding agent and hardened. Other terms used are Polymer Concrete, Reaction Resin Concrete or Artificial Stone.

Excellent Damping Properties

A prominent material characteristic of GRANITAN which Studer makes full use of is it's very high specific material damping. High damping in a cylindrical grinding machine is essential for achieving perfect surfaces on any work-piece without chatter marks. As in any metal removal process, grinding also causes a vibrational response in the machine. The GRANITAN machine bed lies in between this force flow and the work-piece. This is also the case for any vibration caused from external sources such as other machine tools close by. These external vibrations are absorbed and fade much quickly than would be the case with a machine bed made of gray cast iron or welded steel.